Happy Easter from The Ten Penners…

Happy Easter to all our readers, followers and friends. Travel safe and enjoy your holiday.

I’m putting in an excerpt from Fan-tas-tic-al Tales, it’s one of Jill Ford’s contributions to the book. Petal and the Easter Bunny.

easter bunny and eggsPETAL AND THE EASTER BUNNY


From Fan-tas-tic-al Tales

Hannah Elizabeth and Petal were eating Easter Eggs. The little girl sat cross-legged on her bed and Petal sat on the floor. He took up all the space in Hannah’s bedroom.

‘Where’s my egg wrapped in the pink paper with the silver stars?’ asked Hannah.

‘Oh, was that your egg? So sorry,’ Petal said with his mouth full of chocolate.

‘You are a piggy. I was saving that egg for tomorrow.’

Petal shifted himself to a more comfortable position. The whole room shook and a large piece of plaster fell from the ceiling. Petal brushed the bits that had fallen over him onto the floor.

‘I just love the Easter Bunny,’ said Hannah, popping another piece of chocolate into her mouth.

‘I helped the Easter Bunny deliver eggs once,’ said Petal yawning.

‘You didn’t!’ said Hannah amazed.

‘You don’t believe me, do you? Just because I’m not cute, soft or cuddly. You’ve really hurt my feelings, Hannah Elizabeth.’

‘I’m sorry, but are you sure you are not fibbing?’ said Hannah, licking her fingers.

Petal glared at her.

‘All right Petal. Why don’t you tell me all about it?’

‘It was a very long time ago. I was very young, a baby really. I was still green.’

‘Green?’ Hannah looked at her Dragon. He was dark grey with a pink chest.

‘I picked my own colours when I was two years old. Wizard Knowsthelot gave me tins of coloured polish and I rubbed the polish over my scales until I was the shade I wanted. Now, do you want to hear about the Easter Bunny or not, Hannah Elizabeth? Don’t you know it’s very rude to interrupt someone when they are trying to tell you something?’

‘Sorry. Well, go on. Tell me what happened, Petal.’

‘I’m trying to. Now let’s see. Where was I?’

‘You were green,’ said Hannah.

‘That’s right. I was still green. I was lying on the grass having a snooze when Carrots, that’s the Easter Bunny, hopped on top of me. I guess he didn’t see me. He’s very short sighted and…’

‘You were green at the time,’ Hannah interrupted.Petal

‘Well, I rolled over and squashed Carrots.’

‘You killed the Easter Bunny!’ Hannah cried out, shocked.

‘No, I just broke his leg and crushed a couple of his ribs. It was the week before Easter. He was in a terrible fix, so of course, I had to offer to help.’

‘Come on Petal. You never could help the Easter Bunny. You’d eat all the eggs,’ Hannah said laughing.

‘You are not going to be quiet, are you, Hannah Elizabeth?’ Petal said with a pout.

Hannah pretended to zipper her mouth shut. ‘I really would like to know what happened,’ she said. ‘I’m truly sorry Petal.’

‘All right then. I’ll give you one more chance,’ said Petal, who was bursting to tell Hannah his story.

‘Anyway, as it happened you are right. I only meant to sample one egg, but I ate the lot!’

‘I knew it,’ Hannah exclaimed shaking her head. ‘Oops,’ she clamped her hand over her mouth guiltily.

‘One more word and you’ll never know what happened. Not ever. So there, Hannah Elizabeth.’

‘I’m really very sorry Petal.’

‘So you should be. Well, I was very frightened. Carrots’ mother has a nasty temper. She would have spanked me if she found out what I’d done. She was already cross with me for injuring Carrots.’

‘How can a bunny spank a dragon? It doesn’t seem possible.’

‘Carrots’ mother would have found a way. Remember, I was only a baby back then.’

‘You still are,’ said Hannah sniggering.

‘That does it. I’m not telling you any more of the story.’

‘Please Petal. You know you’re bursting to tell me what happened. There’s still a serving of chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer. Mum said it’s mine. It’s yours Petal if you tell me what happened.’

‘I’m trying to,’ snapped Petal. ‘But you are making it very difficult Hannah Elizabeth. Now, where was I?’



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