Mystery, Mayhem & Magic…

in progress…

The Ten Penners Aug17 meetingToday’s meeting of The Ten Penners was inspiring, full of discussion about covers and promoting our book with media kits, social media, and marketing.

We brainstormed possible ideas for our synopsis/blurb.

This is what I came up with. Not the best of the bunch but it’s a start.

Mystery, Mayhem & Magic is an anthology of stories and more by the creative adults writing for children’s group The Ten Penners, following on from their previous books ‘Shock, Horror, Gasp’ and ‘Fan-tas-tic-al Tales’. Adventures abound with pirates, spiders, aliens, dragons, witches, a boy who can fly, a baby with attitude, a magical teddy bear and much more in virtual worlds. Take the path through the forest of imagination. Come and explore!

Here is our new logo

The Ten Penners Logo by Starla



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