Announcing our official book launch!

Ten Penners Approved Poster Broadbeach Library

We are all so very excited to announce our book launch will be held at Broadbeach library! Saturday 4th November, 2017. 10.15am to 11.15am.

Come and join us in celebrating our latest anthology for children 8 to 12 years. It’s also good for parents to read to their younger children.

Take the path through the forest of imagination into mysterious journeys filled with mayhem and a kaleidoscope of magical creatures.

From the authors of “Shock! Horror! Gasp!” and “Fan-Tas-Tic-Al Tales”, “Mystery, Mayhem & Magic” is the latest collection from 8 Gold Coast authors.

We look forward to your company.  – MarionMMMCover

Ten Penners Poster[8273] Booklaunch BBch library 4th Nov2017

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