A fun market

The Ten Penners at The Lanes Halloween Market 002Today was a perfect day for the Halloween market .The sun was shining all day until the clouds started rolling in late in the afternoon but it didn’t rain and the movie of the night played for all the excited children who had already bounced, learnt how to juggle or hula hoop, had their faces painted and no doubt had a full belly from all the wondThe Ten Penners at The Lanes Halloween Market 003erful street food sold from quirky vans! The range of interesting food was great. And there among the plethora of market stalls was the Gold Coast Writers’ Association (GCWA) showcasing lots of local authors and answering questions for curious writers. I was there representing The Ten Penners, which is a sub group of the GCWA, along with Julie Baythorpe, Kate Russell and Jill Smith. We all had fun chatting and reading from our new anthology Mystery, Mayhem & Magic. We handed out lots of colouring-in competition forms too! Our winner will receive a fully signed copy of our new book and will be announced at our book launch next Saturday morning 10.15am at Broadbeach library. Hope to see you there! – Marion 🙂

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