Our June meeting at Broadbeach library was fun as always. We had a visitor, Vincent, who is quite a talented wordsmith. We had a fun ten minute creative exercise on this little cottage…

little cottage

It always amazes me, how many variations of prose we get from everyone. I think this is one of the reasons we have so much fun in our group, as we are entertained by our different stories.

Why not give yourself a challenge and see what you can make up within the ten minutes? We would love to hear your creations 🙂

Also, I want to do a quick recap from our Burleigh Heads State School visit that Jill and I did on the 2nd May. We read some of our stories from Mystery, Mayhem and Magic, which you can buy through our link here or from Big B Books at Burleigh Heads or Bookface at Pacific Fair (we are in the local author section).

Here are some more photo’s from my collection.

Special Thanks to Janina for organising our visit. And thanks to the children who came to see us and made our day special. – Have a great weekend, Marion.

Burleigh Heads SS MarionBurleigh Heads SS JillBurleigh Heads SS Janina Marion & Jill