More Magic Happening

I’ve been delighted to be in contact with a lovely author and illustrator from Philly in the US. I’ve reviewed three of her picture books and in return, she’s been kind enough to review my novella in our book Mystery, Mayhem & Magic!

The Real Deal
by Jill Smith

Nobody believes Jimmy when he says he can fly. Nobody, but his neighbour Aimee. They have to wear onesies when they fly because regular clothes don’t stay closed. They’ve got a bully at their school. And a tattle-tale maintenance-man, who happens to be the bully’s uncle. Jimmy and Aimee want to keep their flying a secret. But they might have been seen. The government has been alerted. The school principal is involved. And the maintenance-man says he has evidence. Our flying duo must use all their skills to remain free to fly.

Jimmy fancies himself an inventor. So, of course, he invents a flying machine. And he gives one to his neighbour Aimee. But hers only works when he holds her hand. Which is fun in a boyfriend-girlfriend kind of way. They have plans. Their plans go awry. They try again. And learn as they go. This sweet adventure brings their families and friendship closer while hinting at a perilous future. I expect more stories will give us the further adventures of Jimmy and Aimee and their families.

— Lois Wickstrom

– Jill Smith