A fun market

The Ten Penners at The Lanes Halloween Market 002Today was a perfect day for the Halloween market .The sun was shining all day until the clouds started rolling in late in the afternoon but it didn’t rain and the movie of the night played for all the excited children who had already bounced, learnt how to juggle or hula hoop, had their faces painted and no doubt had a full belly from all the wondThe Ten Penners at The Lanes Halloween Market 003erful street food sold from quirky vans! The range of interesting food was great. And there among the plethora of market stalls was the Gold Coast Writers’ Association (GCWA) showcasing lots of local authors and answering questions for curious writers. I was there representing The Ten Penners, which is a sub group of the GCWA, along with Julie Baythorpe, Kate Russell and Jill Smith. We all had fun chatting and reading from our new anthology Mystery, Mayhem & Magic. We handed out lots of colouring-in competition forms too! Our winner will receive a fully signed copy of our new book and will be announced at our book launch next Saturday morning 10.15am at Broadbeach library. Hope to see you there! – Marion 🙂

Meet our mascot – Plinko!

Plinko photo!Say hello to Plinko. He is our, soon to be famous, character for our colouring in competitions. We are expecting Plinko to be adorned in lots of wonderful colours, and maybe even something sparkly? But which ever way the kids create, the lucky and talented winner shall receive a completely signed (by all 8 authors) copy of our latest book Mystery, Mayhem & Magic.

Download the official competition form which can be found on our Media Kit page.

So get colouring! Winners will be announced at our Book Launch at Broadbeach library on Saturday morning 4th November, 2017.       – Marion


Terms and Conditions:

Entries are for Australian residents only.

There are three age group categories for children under 12 years of age.

Entries may be sent by email to thetenpenners@gmail.com

Be sure to have your entry received by us no later than midnight on the 31st October, 2017.

Winners will be announced at our Book Launch – Broadbeach library on Saturday morning  10.15am, 4th November, 2017. And posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thinking book launches…

julie at her book launch Sept17An avid reader of good Australian authors, I’m pleased to add my friend and fellow Ten Penner Julie Baythorpe to my must read list.

Last Sunday, I was delighted to be able to attend the book launch of ‘Under the Fig Tree’ another in her Reid Devron murder mystery series.

The first was ‘The Lavender Principal’, which I’ve read and reviewed already but am now reposting as I’ve now purchased the second in this series called ‘Silo Deadfall’, which I am also looking forward to reading and reviewing.

Julie is now a valued member of The Ten Penners and has written some great stories for our new anthology. Watch out for ‘Plinko’ as Julie’s little alien is our colouring competition emblem.

Mystery, Mayhem & Magic is an anthology of amazing adventures for young readers.

Here is the review of her first book, as you will see, she is a very talented author.

The Lavender Principal BookReview by Jill Smith ©April 2011

The-Lavender-Principal-A-Reid-Devron-Mystery-by-Julie-BaythorpeTitle: The Lavender Principal…an outback murder mystery

I found this book wonderfully written, highlighting the uniqueness of Australia. The rugged outback and its equally stoic communities and people spread out in a vast landscape make this murder mystery all the more tantalizing. With the school activities the social focus of the community, the school principal is an important, if transient, community member. The relationships between families and the local school Principal are unbalanced, when Reid Devron, starts asking questions. The dialogue in the local vernacular really draws the reader into the drama. Who did murder Neil Addison, and why?

At Somerset Literary Festival this year, I was disappointed to hear one prominent international author say she despaired for those who wrote from an Australian view point. I disagree with this and say that Australia is a setting, a character in itself, so why should we not write about this country and its people, as they are what we know?


I loved this unique Australian story and feel that it has a place on any bookshelf. Like Lillian Beckwith, her stories are based in small communities in the isolated New Hebrides, people around the world may not live in the climate or community described, but, they can read and enjoy the human experience there.

Julie Baythorpe was born in Sydney and grew up in Brisbane, she moved to the Gold Coast in 1985. She has been writing all her life. She has taught creative writing both as a teacher and a principal in classrooms across Queensland. Clearly, she draws from her experience in outlining the daily running of a small rural school.

– Jill

Mystery, Mayhem & Magic underway…

Covers The Ten PennersSerious editing and finishing is at hand this weekend by the whole team.

I’m loving our communication and can’t wait to see the group next weekend to see and feel how we are progressing. Lots of positive vibes happening!

Our adventure book Mystery Mayhem & Magic is going to be awesome! I can’t wait to see what the cover may be!

Marion 🙂



the fix it man book launch

On Saturday 25th March after another inspirational meeting with my writing buddies in The Ten Penners, I went to see Dimity Powell launch her truly heartfelt book The FIX IT Man. To say it was a beautiful presentation is an understatement.

The time and effort Dimity and her supporters put into launching this book, matched by Nicky Johnstone’s superb illustrations. I did have a tear in my eye when I heard the story for the first time The Fix it Man book launch DPon the day. Who knew that facing grief and moving forward with life could so be put so succinctly in a children’s picture book? I love it. The FIX IT Man cover

The fact as Dimity explained briefly, that she and Nicky took eighteen months to complete this work only goes to show that beautiful books can be masterpieces in their own right. Well done ladies! You are a true inspiration to aspiring picture book authors and illustrators. And of course to groups like The Ten Penners who are striving to create entertaining and thought-provoking topical stories for children aged eight to twelve-year-olds.

The Ten Penners meeting today!

ten-penners-feb-17-full-picWe had a very inspirational meeting today!

I loved the new stories, poems and series ideas. Now we just need to get our thinking caps on to come up with a perfect title for our new anthology.

The suggestions so far are:

Adventures, Hazards & Perils! (to follow on from the Shock, Horror, Gasp and Fan-tas-tic-al Tales – three-word play)

Magic Tales, Epic Stories, & Awesome Adventures    Or        Awesome Adventures

What do you think? We’d appreciate suggestions!