Media Kit

This media kit is for the benefit of our media contacts, schools, bookshops, fellow bloggers and competition entries. You may use the content, however, please email The Ten Penners at to notify us of your intention of use and publication. We will then reply with confirmation that you may use the copy or photo’s. Photo’s from our Bio page may also be used in the same manner. Thank you – Marion.


The Ten Penners sell sheet 2017

Download our book launch poster PDF here >>>  Ten Penners Approved Poster Broadbeach Library

Ten Penners Poster[8273] Booklaunch BBch library 4th Nov2017     MMMCover    Plinko photo!

Poster JPEG.                               BOOK COVER                                  PLINKO

Download the competition for Surfers Paradise state school here >>>plinko-colouring-in-competition-2018-surfers-paradise-ss

Download school purchase slips here >>> The Ten Penners are visiting our school purchase form




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