Petal and the Easter Bunny …part two

PetalFor those who read the first half of Jill Ford’s PETAL AND THE EASTER BUNNY STORY that I posted yesterday, here is the second half that appeared in The Ten Penners book ‘Fan-tas-tic-al Tales’.

Happy Easter again!


‘I’m trying to,’ snapped Petal. ‘But you are making it very difficult Hannah Elizabeth. Now, where was I?’

‘You had just eaten all the eggs.’

‘So I had. Well, I had to do something and fast, before Mrs Bunny found out. I was a very sorry little dragon let me tell you, and I had a nasty tummy ache.’

‘It was all those Easter eggs,’ said Hannah.

‘I suppose. What I did then, was a bit naughty, but I was very young and I was terrified of Mrs Bunny. She gets so hopping mad over the littlest things. I collected up all the egg wrappers and flattened them out, nice and smooth again. Then I went down to the river. There are always a lot of nice round stones along the riverbank. We have stone skipping competitions there. It’s lots of fun. If you are very nice to me, Hannah Elizabeth, I might take you one day.’

‘Get on with the story, Petal. I want to know what happened!’

‘When I got to the river, Prince Velvet was skipping stones. Only back then, he was just a grubby little boy who hadn’t learnt to blow his nose properly. He hadn’t been taught how to be a Prince. He only wore a toy wooden sword around his waist. We were best friends until we were put into the book.’

‘I suppose it was hard to stay friends, once you had to start fighting,’ said Hannah sympathetically.

‘We are still friends, but it isn’t easy. And it isn’t fair that I get to be killed at the end of the story all the time. I don’t see why we can’t take turns.’

Hannah giggled and leant over and patted Petal’s knee. ‘You die so beautifully Petal,’ she said, ‘I’m sure Prince Velvet could never die as well.’

‘It takes talent,’ Petal boasted. ‘Anyway, I told Snotty, that’s what I call Prince Velvet, what I had done and he agreed to help me. He’d been spanked by Mrs Bunny a few times himself and he was frightened of her too.’

Snotty. Oh gross.’ Hannah wrinkled up her nose in disgust.

‘I told you, Prince Velvet didn’t know how to wipe his nose properly and you promised to be quiet, remember? Mrs Bunny had made herself responsible for bringing up all us kids in Storybook Land properly.’

‘She didn’t do a very good job with you, did she?’ Hannah said. Petal threw an egg at her. He snorted and flames shot out of his nostrils. Hannah’s teddy bear burst into flames. Hannah smothered the flames with her pillow. She knew there was not any real danger because Petal’s flames did not burn. ‘I think I’ll be a firefighter when I grow up. I’m getting a lot of practice putting out fires,’ she said.

Petal ignored her. ‘Snotty and I collected a lot of pebbles and wrapped them up and put them back in the basket.’easter bunny and eggs

‘That was very naughty.’

‘I know, but you would understand if you knew Mrs Bunny. Snotty and I made such a good job of wrapping the pebbles, that no one noticed the difference. The next morning Carrots and I started out to deliver the Easter Eggs. We left earlier than usual because poor old Carrots was on crutches. Mrs Bunny waved us goodbye. She had packed us a huge picnic basket full of yummy things to eat. We put the hamper in Carrots’ hand-wagon, with the basket of eggs. By then, I was feeling really bad about what I’d done, but I didn’t know what to do about it.’

‘Petal, what you did was really mean,’ said Hannah.

‘I know, I know. I knew dear old Carrots would get the blame and he would probably lose his job as the Easter Bunny. I wanted to confess, but if I did Mrs Bunny would have spanked me. I got a headache in my tummy.’

‘That was your conscience getting to you,’ said Hannah wisely.

‘Don’t I know it? It’s always there waiting to spoil a dragon’s fun. Carrots noticed something was wrong. Then, like the big baby, I really was, I broke down and confessed. I cried all over him.’

‘Goodness Petal, you could have drowned him,’ Hannah joked.

Petal ignored that.

‘Carrots never said a word, he just looked at me sadly. I would have felt better if he smacked me hard. “Are you truly sorry Petal?” he asked me.

‘Oh yes,’ I cried. ‘I never meant to be so naughty.’

“That’s all right then,” he said smiling at me. “Do you see that Green Easter Egg, sitting on the top of the pile? That’s yours. Why don’t you eat it now Petal?”

Oh no! He wanted you to swallow a stone,’ Hannah gasped.

‘That’s what I thought. “Open your egg Petal,” he insisted. So I did, and do you know something, Hannah? It was chocolate. Thick creamy milk chocolate.

Hannah clapped her hands and cheered.

‘Carrots knew what I had done almost right away.’

basket of easter eggs“I’m glad you confessed Petal,” he said to me. “If you hadn’t, Easter magic wouldn’t have been able to work and there would have been a lot of disappointed girls and boys, unwrapping river pebbles.”

‘It pays to own up when you do something naughty,’ said Hannah.

‘Anyway, we delivered all the eggs. It was amazing. Every time we got down to the last egg in the basket, abracadabra, the basket would fill itself up again, and that’s how I saved Easter.’

‘But Petal, if you hadn’t been a piggy, Easter wouldn’t have had to be saved.’

Petal glared at her. ‘That’s the very last time I’ll tell you a story, Hannah Elizabeth.’

‘I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. Do you want this last egg?’

‘Let’s have half each,’ said Petal licking his lips.

Joyful Christmas wishes

christmas-elf-2016-copyThis little Christmas Elf wants to wish all those who’ve helped me on my writing journey through 2016 to have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year Season.

I’ve read and reviewed lots of great books. Discovered that writing groups are fun to be part of but not necessarily if you are on the committee.

The Ten Penners are a very big part of this journey. Writing stories for children has been a delight, and our new anthology is coming together nicely for 2017 publication. smiths-christmas-tree-2016

I sold another copy of Fan-tas-tic-al Tales to a work mate who is giving it to her much-loved grand- daughter.


christmas-decos-2016I love Christmas with the lights and goodwill messages and hope that the next year will bring joy and delight to all those I know and love.

The world has become a more frightening place in many ways, but, I truly believe the humanity of the world will overcome the evil and hostility that exists.

So to all readers of this blog and followers of The Ten Penner’s we all wish you heartfelt joy for Christmas and the New Year. May you enjoy your family and appreciate and love them always.   – Jill.

Kids grow up and have adventures..

The Ten Penners Christmas meeting will be at Marion’s pool side common area on the 3rd December. We are looking forward to sharing our joy of creating stories then along with delicious treats.

marion-and-jason-with-starla-and-partner-formal-nightMarion has just seen her beautiful daughter Starla go to her school formal. She is now free to explore a graphic design course next year. And it seemed like yesterday she was in our little Fan-tas-tic-al Tales launch play at Gold Coast Writers meeting in 2009.

Reflecting that the children in our lives are growing up fast. My heather-in-the-tree-great-shot-oct16grand daughters are now six and seven and exploring the world in ways we could never have imagined in our childhood.

They have never known a world without colour tv’s, computers or iphones.

When Maria did a school assignment she asked me about my life growing up and one question was – did you have a horse and cart? I’m not quite that old, I replied. But my grandmother did.


So far our next anthology has a variety of stories from aliens visiting Earth and finding us too hostile. Some picture poetry, a follow up to a story in Fan-tas-tic-al Tales called Red Beard the Pirate, another about a shrinking boy, a novella about a flying boy, a little girl who has a best friend in her talking teddy bear who manages to get her into trouble and then saves her – twice. It’s all coming together and we hope to be on track to publish in the first half of next year.  – Jill.

The Ten Penners gathering stories …

the-ten-penners-nov-16The Ten Penners are gathering new stories for the next anthology. It’s exciting and with Christmas not far away, the ideas are gathering momentum. I wrote another little story yesterday as a second adventure for Trinny. It’s all coming together!

Now that Fan-tas-tic-al Tales is available on Amazon, it would be a great Christmas stocking filler for the little ones in your life, or for the young at heart. – Jill.


Halloween Hangover…

kate-r-halloween-oct16This is Kate channeling her inner Kylie Cooper for Halloween.

If you don’t know who Kylie Cooper is you need to buy a copy of Fan-tas-tic-al Tales for the youngster or young at heart in your life. It would be a great Christmas present and its only $3.99 on Amazon


The Ten Penners will be having our next monthly meeting at Broadbeach Library Community Room on Saturday 5th November from 10 am to 12 noon. We are working on our next anthology with cover ideas, new adventure stories being written. It’s all exciting.

The new anthology project…

It’s a five week month. So, we have to wait a bit longer for our face to face catch up. But, there’s been a lot happening in the Anthology Project page. Stories, titles, and cover ideas. It’s all happening! Our new members Julie Baythorpe, Elli Housden and Louisa Wright will add a new texture to our stories. Perhaps we could persuade Jill Ford (yes the other Jill) to return to add her wit and quirky stories to the mix? – Jill.

The Ten Penners Colouring Comp Finalists…

Fan-tas-tic-al Tales coverThe Ten Penners Colouring competition finalists…

At Broadbeach State School, on the 22nd August. We had a huge response to the PETAL colouring competition! These are the finalists. Go into this PDF: petal-comp-finalists-bb-state-school

The winners announced. Their copies of Fan-Tas-tic-al Tales awarded at the school assembly on the 15th September.

Wonderful entries and well deserving winners!The Ten Penners Aug16

This is Kate Russell on the 22nd August. Her little talk to the children on the day.

Go to the YouTube link –

The Ten Penners School visit…

The Ten Penners had a wonderful time at marion BB primary school visit 22Aug16Broadbeach State School on Monday 22nd August. We had a room beside the library where even my small voice could be heard.

The children were from Grades 4, 5 and 6 and we had our biggest audience in the last session. So over 250 students enjoyed hearing about Fan-tas-tic-al Tales!marion BB primary school visit 22Aug16 pic

We’ve have had lots of entries in the Petal colouring competition. Results will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

Broadbeach Ind Primary School visit…

The Ten Penners Aug16Today we did our final preparations for the Ten Penners visit to Broadbeach Independent Primary School visit tomorrow.

We’ll be there early to start Book Week for the students in Grades 4 and 5.

With a fined tuned Power Point presentation. We should wow our young audience!

Again there will be a colouring comp for the kids to win two copies of Fan-tas-tic-al Tales.


Gold Coast Writers Literary Luncheon 2016 …

GCW LL group

GCWA-May-2016The Ten Penners were well represented at the GCW Literary Luncheon on Saturday 23rd July, at Southport Yacht Club. In the picture above you can see Marion and her husband Jason, Jill and husband and most of Kate’s head beside me. Jennifer was on another table.

All the members and guests enjoyed the sunshine and stimulating company of guest authors and keynote speaker Madonna King.

The guest authors were Elaine Ouston, Karen Tyrrell, Dimity Powell, Angela Sunde and Brett Alegre-Wood. 

madonna king pic with micGCW LL 2016

The meal was delicious and the everyone enjoyed the day.

Terrific raffle and door prizes were drawn.

Books were signed and sold by the authors. It was a successful day all round.

guest authors GCW LLRobyn and I GCW LL 2016

Madonna and Gavin cutting cakeMadonna spoke about her interviews and writing both memoirs of Ian Frazer and Joe Hockey. meal GCW LL 2016

The Ten Penners Meeting today …

kate me louise marionToday is the July meeting of The Ten Penners and it promises to be a busy meeting.

We are planning another school visit. In August and we are going to:

Broadbeach State School is an independent public school for the beginning of Book Week.

As a sub group of Gold Coast Writers we are going to be attending both the next monthly meeting at Fradgley Hall in Burleigh on the 16th July, and the GCW Literary Luncheon on the 23rd July.

Looking back at past GCW Festivals we’ve had a great time while continuing to learn our writing craft.

June, getting that loving feeling..

Kate with her mum daughters and sistersThe Ten Penners meeting today may be a washout! The rain is teeming and the news says to stay off the roads. Oh no! I don’t think I can survive without my monthly dose of Ten Penners magic!

Just to prove there are many members of this wonderful group here are a couple of pictures of Kate and her family, mum, sisters and daughters.starla and marion tea party

Then our co-ordinator and guru of the group Marion Martineer with her talented daughter.


Motivation to write for children …

On Mothers Day, I was able to share a lovely time with my112.JPG son and his partner, and enjoy being with our grand daughters. They are a true delight.

Being a Grand mother is true motivation to write stories for children.

During Grandparent’s Day at St Joseph’s we were treated to spending time with both girls in their classrooms. Then visiting the Library for Book Week.

I collected the money for three copies of Fan-tas-tic-al Tales sold after our Ten Penners visit. Looking forward to our next school presentation in August.



Dual Visions and Fan-tas-tic-al Tales at Bookface Pacific Fair

me and my books at bookface pac fairDual Visions, my Sci-fi book. Fan-tas-tic-al Tales. Our book of short stories, poems and novellas for children 8 to 12. Written by The Ten Penners, are both for sale at Bookface Pacific Fair.

This is a lovely bookshop with café attached.

I’m delighted to be on the shelf with many other local and talented authors.

If you haven’t been able to pick up a copy before now go in and check it out.

I’m hoping to add more titles soon. I notice many of the books there I’ve read and reviewed. Such as Chameleon by Kathy Stewart, and Karen Tyrrell’s Me & Her, Me and Him, Jo-Kin Battles the It and many more.

Fan-tas-tic-al Tales reaching out …

Signing fun!The Ten Penners are planning more school visits in the near future.

Fan-tas-tic-al Tales continues to delight children. My work colleague Louise, tells me her daughter was quite proud of being able to read her first ‘grown up book’.

Another friend tells me that his daughter. Too little to read, is proud to take her copy of Fan-tas-tic-al Tales with her to school daily.

So we are contacting the two schools these children go to and will have news of more outings shortly.

The success of our trip to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. Due to the welcome we received, by Mrs Smith the Teacher Librarian. The sessions were well timed and arranged.

So watch this space for more exciting news.


What adventure stories would the kids read?

What adventure stories would the kids read?

That’s what we asked the children at St Joseph’s Primary school during our recent visit.

These are some of the ideas they suggested –

Dragons                                Haunted house                Gigantic Butterflys             Pirates

Treasure – stacks goodies

Circa 1715, Captain Edward Teach (1680 – 1718), better known as Blackbeard, a pirate who plundered the coasts of the West Indies, North Carolina and Virginia. His hair is woven with flaming fuses to increase his fearsome appearance. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

butterfly             Dimensions

Big is small and Small is big

Alternative Universe

Time Travel

Vampires              Dream that lasts forever

Mermaids                 Dinosaurs                         Horses

Shopping in a big shop

flying on a unicorn                a big library/bookstore

Now we just need to write the stories.

They seemed to like the idea of ‘Redbeard the Pirate’ my follow up to ‘The Night Witch’ so we have a start for our next compilation book.


PETAL colouring competition…

Today is this months Ten Penners meeting. We will be judging the finalists of the PETAL colIMG_2172 (Small)ouring competition we delivered to the children we spoke to at St Joseph’s school recently. The entrants are Fan-tas-tic-al!! The winners will receive a copy of our book.

We will also be discussing ideas for our next book based on adventures. The children at SIMG_2186 (Small)t Joseph’s gave us come thought provoking ideas for stories.

We hope that we’ll have a new mix of great stories ready for the world later this year!